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Download File Subtitle Indonesia Naruto Road To Ninja [Updated-2022]




TXT Download The Naruto Shippuuden: Movie 6 Road to Ninja (2012) English Subtitle - SUBDL.TXT The battle between the Raikage and the Chunin for the position of Hokage begins again, and the Nin-Tails, with the aid of Manda, again appears to intervene, but is again killed by Naruto, causing this battle between the two to end in a stalemate. Sasuke is turned back to his original form, and Naruto starts to think about his birth village. Soon the words of his mother, Konoha's founding member, come back to him, and he decides to find her. Soon after he starts his quest for the birthplace of the ninja, he happens to meet up with a team of his friends and their two teachers (one of them is Naruto's). As the team travels, Naruto encounters villains. It is during one of these battles that Naruto discovers his origin: his bloodline is derived from the Uchiha Clan, just like Sasuke's. Naruto sets his sights on the last family member of the Uchiha Clan, the Uzumaki Clan. During his search, he meets with his friends again, and when he meets the Uzumaki Clan, he finds out that the Uzumaki's no longer have an heir. With no choice left, Naruto travels to the village of the Uchiha Clan and asks Sasuke to come along. As they return home, Kakashi mentions to Naruto that his mother's name was Itachi, the Uchiha Clan's last and most powerful ninja. Suddenly, Sasuke attacks him in an attempt to kill him, but Naruto is able to deflect the attack, ending the battle. As the two are going to resume their training, they find out that a huge war is about to erupt. Soon after, the Uchiha Clan is under attack from the Leaf. Naruto and Sasuke rush to the battle and along with their friends, they fight for their lives, but are unable to prevent the total destruction of the clan. Naruto later returns to his village and learns that his mother's name was actually Nagato. He also learns about Konoha's other founding members: the original Akimichi and his wife, Hinata, and the original Shimada and his wife, Kushina. As a result of this revelation, Naruto is enraged. Soon after, he appears in front of the Fourth Hokage, Yukio, where he learns that the Third Hokage, Jiraiya, is




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Download File Subtitle Indonesia Naruto Road To Ninja [Updated-2022]
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